Saturday, 15 November 2014

My small lush collection!

Hi, this is my first ever upload so if it isn't perfect, I'm sorry.

Let's begin!
This is my lush collection, which I know isn't to big but it's a start. 

This is a Sakura pot from ikea which I store my favourite lush products in, of the particular time. There are really cheap and it's an easy way to decorate your room. 

 This is the Tisty Tosty bath bomb, which smells like freshly cut roses. To use this and any other bath bombs you simply drop it in your bath of water and watch the explosive experience take place. This leaves your bath smelling gorgeous. 

This is a bath bomb, just like the one above. This smells like vanilla with a hint of mint. This is more of a skin smoothing product rather that a 'fun' one. 

Now on to bubble bars. To use these you take how ever much you want (I usually take about half) and crumple it under a running tap, to reveal the bubbles. This one is the pop in the bath, which leaves your bath a beautiful pink colour.

Next is a shower jelly, this one is the sweetie pie one which smells like cherries and coconut. To use this just take a small chunk of the jelly and rub all over your body. 

This is the sea vegetable soap and the seaweed helps to soften your skin. It's smells like fresh lemon and lavender. 

Finally is this beautiful 'out of this world' parcel. Inside it has the rock star soap and the space girl bath bomb. 

I really like the smell of this soap and it is sweet but fresh at the same time. It leave your skin feeling super soft!

This is one of my favourite bath bombs ever! It leaves your bath looking amazing! I would deffinently recommend you to buy this bath bomb. 

Thanks for reading,
Becky xx


Hi! This blog is shared between me (Becky) and my best friend (Katy), we are so excited and can't wait to get this blog up and running! We are going to upload twice a week and we will both upload separately but we will occasionally do ones together. We will mostly post about makeup and fashion. Please comment any ideas on what we should post, 
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