Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Mac lipstick

I recently went to the Trafford Centre, in Manchester to pick up a few bits and bobs. I went with a goal set in my mind to get my first ever mac lipstick, which I did. I picked it up in the shade, Peach Blossom, which has a cremesheen finish. After doing a little research into the mac lipstick finishes, I thought that the cremesheen would be best for me. They have a really creamy consistency, which allows it to sit on the lips comfortably, without drying your lips out. It also has a lipgloss shine, but without the stickiness lip glosses bring along with them, which is the most annoying thing ever when you have long hair. However, one thing I wish could be improved is how long they stay on your lips, for me they stay on for around two hours and start to fade, which isn't to bad but being at school I can't reapply all the time. However overall I really like this mac lipstick and I will definantly be buying more in the future.

Peach Blossom - Cremesheen

Comment down below any lipsticks you recommend me trying out and any blog post ideas! Thanks for reading!

Becky xx

Healthy nails

Healthy nails x

So from a retired full time nail biters point of view i know how hard stopping a habit such as nail biting can be.Right from an age i can't even remember until the end of last year, day in and out i would sit and gnaw away at my nails.In assembly,form,dance,everywhere to be honest.It was only when i had my middle school prom and decided to have shiny pink acrylics on that i thought about the damage i had caused to my nails.Peeled,short and gross i decided to make a change.Haha laughing to myself about how cringe that last sentence was.Anyways heres a few tips and products that I used:

1.) The first step to stop is by making your nails look pretty but taste horrible.Now you might be wondering what I a mean but after you see the first product you'll understand.

This product,when applied to nails,makes everything taste horrible.EVERYTHING.Your food,your lips anything else you eat really.So even though it does make everything horrible try to perserver because your nails will look great afterwards.Also I can't remember how much it cost but it was from boots.

2.) Sometimes when the habit is quiet bad the first product doesn't work that great because eventually the taste becomes normal.Well it did for me anyway.So I suggest the Sally Hansen maxim growth polish.Not only does it give your nails a nice shine it works pretty fast,just be careful not to apply to much of it.

I believe this product is around the £6-£10 mark and is from boots but you can get it in super drug to.

3.) My third and final trick/idea? Is the Sally Hansen maximum growth cuticles,this gives your nails a soft feel but seems to work well when combined with bullet point 2^.Also add colour to your nails,because who wants to bite them when the look so pretty,and I know it's not very healthy for your nails which kinda defeats the object of this blog? Whoops haha but practise makes perfect and who wouldn't want pretty coloured nails.

Anyways that's it for this post,thanks for reading I hope it helped or passed your boredom for a few minutes.

Katy x x x