Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Healthy Hair!

This blog post is going to be my top tips on keeping healthy hair. In no ways am I an expect or am I claiming that I know anything about hair, but there are just some personal tips that work for me.
DISCLAIMER: I am not saying I have 'PERFECT HAIR' in anyway, because i don't in my opinion.

I have long blonde hair which is quite thick. Blonde hair is a pain in my experience because even when you haven't dyed your hair, you seem to have roots! Anyway back on the point of this post, haircare! These are some of the things i do to maintain healthy hair.

What I do when I wash my hair,
To begin, before I wash my hair I always brush it with my favourite hair brush ever, the tangle teaser, which i will talk about further on down this post. I do this to reduce the amount of tangles I have after I have washed my hair. In the shower the first thing that I do is apply my shampoo but I only but it on the roots and scalp of my hair. The ends of your hair don't require to much shampoo and this way the shampoo will run down to the ends of your hair.

After, I then apply my conditioner to only the mid-lengths to the ends of my hair and leave it on for around 5 mins. After it has been on for 5 or so minutes I then wash it of with warm water, followed with a blast of cold water. this seals the moisture in your hair and and a nice shine. NEVER BRUSH YOUR HAIR WHEN IT IS WET! This will cause breakage to your hair.

Another thing you can do to keep nice hair is to reduce how much you use heat. sleep with your hair wet in braids and in the morning your hair will have wavy hair, plus you won't need to use heat in the morning.

Also, I have used 'A Tangle Teaser' since the age of about ten, when my hairdresser used to use it on my hair. I was so surprised at hiw my tangles came out, how smooth my hair felt after using it and how gentle it was on my hair. Since then I have always had one in my drawer and I would never go back to using a normal brush again. they are around £10 and you can get them from the internet or in stores like, top shop, boots and urban outfitters.

I know most of this which i have just told you, you might already know, but if i helped just one person thats all i care about.

love from Becky xoxox

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Daily Makeup!

Welcome back! These are just the products I usually as my daily makeup routine.

To begin, I store my favourite makeup pieces in these acrylic separaters which are very popular 
on blog posts and youtube. I got mine from amazon, but you can get them from places 
such as, txmax, bandm, amazon and eBay. 

To begin, I always apply my primer, some people don't see the point in primer 
but I can see a massive difference to my skin when I don't use it . As soon as 
I apply it my skin feels smoother and looks more awake. You can get this from
superdrug and boots for around £5. 

My favourite foundation recently has been the 'Stay Perfect' by No7. As I have
pale skin no7 is great as they colour match your skin. As usual I am the 
lightest shade 'calico'. However, it stays on all day and does not look cakey on dry skin.

Next, I apply my Rimmel 'stay Matte'. I aren't going to ramble on about this 
becayse there are many reviews of this on the internet, but all I can say is 
that it is a god sent.

I use this bronzer purely because it smells like chocolate! It's amazing! It's a 
natural splash of colour to brighten up pale skin, like mine.

These colour tattoos are great! They stay on all day ans are so easy to apply 
in a rush. I find them great to use of school days, when I don't have time 
to do any fancy eyeshadow. I just pop this on and it looks like I have put effort in
to my eyes.

Ever since I got this from the clothes show live, I have used it since! It 
separates my lashes, as well as making them long. After I have used it 
my eyelashes look like I have added lashes, I love it! 

Many people on YouTube mention this and it's the 'lasting perfection' concealer 
In 'fair'. You can get it from boots or superdrug for only £4!

This is the 'Sexy Mother Puker' lipgloss from Soap and Glory. Before 
I had this I didn't realise a lipgloss could be so pigmented! It also doesn't do that
Annoying thing where your hair gets stuck to your lips, who else hates that?!

That is everything i use for my everyday makeup look aswell as a sneaky peak of my makeup collection.
I hope you enjoyed!

Becky xoxoxo