Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Daily Makeup!

Welcome back! These are just the products I usually as my daily makeup routine.

To begin, I store my favourite makeup pieces in these acrylic separaters which are very popular 
on blog posts and youtube. I got mine from amazon, but you can get them from places 
such as, txmax, bandm, amazon and eBay. 

To begin, I always apply my primer, some people don't see the point in primer 
but I can see a massive difference to my skin when I don't use it . As soon as 
I apply it my skin feels smoother and looks more awake. You can get this from
superdrug and boots for around £5. 

My favourite foundation recently has been the 'Stay Perfect' by No7. As I have
pale skin no7 is great as they colour match your skin. As usual I am the 
lightest shade 'calico'. However, it stays on all day and does not look cakey on dry skin.

Next, I apply my Rimmel 'stay Matte'. I aren't going to ramble on about this 
becayse there are many reviews of this on the internet, but all I can say is 
that it is a god sent.

I use this bronzer purely because it smells like chocolate! It's amazing! It's a 
natural splash of colour to brighten up pale skin, like mine.

These colour tattoos are great! They stay on all day ans are so easy to apply 
in a rush. I find them great to use of school days, when I don't have time 
to do any fancy eyeshadow. I just pop this on and it looks like I have put effort in
to my eyes.

Ever since I got this from the clothes show live, I have used it since! It 
separates my lashes, as well as making them long. After I have used it 
my eyelashes look like I have added lashes, I love it! 

Many people on YouTube mention this and it's the 'lasting perfection' concealer 
In 'fair'. You can get it from boots or superdrug for only £4!

This is the 'Sexy Mother Puker' lipgloss from Soap and Glory. Before 
I had this I didn't realise a lipgloss could be so pigmented! It also doesn't do that
Annoying thing where your hair gets stuck to your lips, who else hates that?!

That is everything i use for my everyday makeup look aswell as a sneaky peak of my makeup collection.
I hope you enjoyed!

Becky xoxoxo


  1. Love those Maybelline colour tattoos.. some of my all-time favourites! Good luck with your new blog.. I'm new to it as well!